Thoracic rotation

Thoracic rotation is commonly missed.

(Upper Back)

Tightness through this area of the back has been linked to pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back, an increased effort in breathing

⭐️When we breathe our ribs must open up and expand, this becomes restricted when our thoracic spine gets tight.

⭐️Poor or prolonged postures such as desk sitting also significantly contribute to this tightness or stiffness.

⭐️Optimising thoracic rotation can help to open up the chest, improving breathing and reducing tightness and pain in surrounding joints (i.e. neck and shoulders).

Have a go at this gentle stretch

Can be done daily

Ideally held for 90-120secs

While breathing deeply and relaxing

Finding a mild point of tension thru the shoulder blades without stress, keep it gentle.