NOT your usual boring salad

Makes enough for 6-8.

This is a roughly chopped, rough and ready salad that needs no time and is just thrown together

And always looks spectacular!

You can make it and eat it for days to come ( just don’t add dressing until you want to eat it)

Just add your favorite protein

And carb.

Or bust it out for guests!!

To prepare;

One large plate or serving ware

Tear up one  whole oak leaf lettuce

And cover the base of the dish

Top and layer with

3 roughly chunked Roma or vine tomatoes

1/2 Spanish onion finely sliced

1 Lebanese cucumber, diced

2 peaches, halved and sliced into wedges

(Plums are also great)

1 avocado cut into nice chunks

4-5 cubes of marinated feta, crumbled

1 handful basil leaves, torn and scattered

A little drizzle (2 teaspoon)of the olive from the feta, or good quality olive oil.

1 juice of a whole lime or lemon

1 tablespoon pepitas for crunch

Goodly shake of salt

And boom 💥


I served it with

Spicy Baked chicken thigh or breast

And long grain rice & quinoa.

Your portion sizes will depend on your body’s needs and outputs.