Prone Chest Stretch


Round-shouldered posture is a main contributor to neck and upper body pain and rotator cuff injury. Round-shouldered posture feels comfortable and natural when the front chest muscles are tight. 

Due to our sitting, desk jobs, driving, mobile phones, and all that forward hunch positioning we are so accustomed to in our daily life. 

Lengthening the chest muscles so that healthier positioning feels natural and comfortable.

Also improves headaches 

Improves that aching buzz between the shoulder blades 

Stops the back body over lengthening and  aching by over compensating for the shorter tight chest muscles. 

Position your Right arm out straight at shoulder height 

Look away towards the left and rest your head on the ground 

Lift your left leg over the right and roll your body onto the right shoulder, 

Opening thru the front of your right chest muscles , 

Can you increase the stretch by pushing your left hand into the floor and pushing the left side toward or on top of you right side, 

(Essentially aiming to later, stack your shoulders )

Also roll the top hip, left hip backwards to increase the upper back twist. 

Hold and breath for up to 2 mins

Keeping it gentle and finding a mild point of tension through the chest, no straining or forcing the stretch.