Let’s Find YOU Again!

Creating & Nurturing Strong Healthy Bodies

Specialising in WOMEN & MUMS

Pre Natal, Post Natal, Pregnancy, Menopause 

Good Quality SAFE Strength Training, Creating Better Mobility, Education on Eating Healthy for Lifestyle, Not Diet.

I Provide a Loving Community & Personal Support

My Purpose

To send women into the world, so they can BE strong, to FEEL strong, to be injury free

To grow old and be able to get out of bed and be mobile 

To have a strong pelvic floor to avoid weakness later on in life 

 To build a future

To create healthy habits, for life

 While Going at their own pace 

 Women need to be trained like women, not like men.

My motto: – Listen to your own body and to what you need today for you. 

It’s Mindful movement :- Being conscious of your body and your mind from day to day

What to expect

⭐️SMALL group sessions inside and outside. They are not a bootcamp!! 

⭐️Babies and children welcome at all sessions.  

⭐️Women & Mum focused, building strength from within

💜Contains : StrongWoman!

⭐️BIG focus on Core, Pelvic floor and Glutes. 

⭐️Education in Hormones, and your cycle and/or change of life and how they affect your weightloss and your body


⭐️How having a strong body has never been more important, building a scaffold for your bones

⭐️Rehabilitate Core & Pelvic Floor

⭐️Support your lower back, reducing the risk of injury

⭐️ Strengthen Shoulders & Joints

⭐️Correct your posture

⭐️Self Confidence


⭐️Increase mobility and move well

⭐️Recover after birth and ease you into menopause.

⭐️Or for the gals who want to understand proper lifting technique that is safe, and build a strong lean toned body. 

⭐️Or to just feel happy in your own skin! 

unlimited access for 2 Weeks – 50% OFF!!!

Class Timetable

8 week Challenge

may 3rd 2022

What to expect

⭐️Small Group Training Sessions, Intimate & Supported

⭐️It suits all women and mums, especially post natal, pregnancy and menopause. 

⭐️We go slow and steady and at your own pace.  There are options for all levels. 

⭐️We also have hiit/cardio for those who want to build a bit more endurance and train differently, also all levels.

⭐️Deep Stretch & Pilates for those who want to learn to slow down and recover a tired & tight body and mind. Unwind and give yourself permission to stop and breathe.

My training technique!   

I aim to empower my ladies!

To give them the courage and strength inside and out, to tackle the demands of daily life. 

I want my ladies to feel safe, nurtured, loved, cared for, heard, supported. 

Mastering the simplest of movements can completely change your life, moving well, being injury free, and ready to take on your day, and be completely present in daily life, for your children, partners, friends, work colleagues and firstly for yourself. 

I am not about how hard and fast you can go, rather how well you can move, with strength and grace.

I teach you how to listen to your body, how to feel and interact with yourself. 

To understand how your body may feel today, and to listen to what’s best for you. 

I teach you safe technique to strengthen and support your body from the inside to out, for graceful ageing and optimal life.

Creating a community of like minded women, to be the best versions of the themselves and a creation of beautiful friendships. 

Strong Women! – For Daily Life! 



2 Weeks Unlimited Access

About Classes

Mondays Fun Strength Circuit


5.15 am,   6am,    9.15am


All equipment, and bodyweight exercies, in a Fun and Silly circuit style to Shake off the weekend and Monday Blues.

Battle ropes, Slam balls, Balance Ball, Bands, Dumbells, Bar bells, Cable machine, all the things!!

Strength & Conditioning

Wednesdays & Fridays 

5.15am,   6am,   9.15am


Build Strength, from the inside out,
with plenty of equipment and body weight exercises for the whole body, with a large focus on core and pelvic floor and perfect technique.
Create healthy movement patterns.
Build strength, Stability, Mobility and become Injury Free.
Your opportunity to gain strength in the bigger lifts, and reach PB’s if that’s your desire, Or Just tone up and drop unwanted body fat.

Higher Intensity Interval & Cardio

Tuesdays & Thursdays 



For all levels, not a smash session unless that’s what you want?

Are you ready to transform your body? High Intensity Interval Training could well be your next favourite thing! Designed to improve strength, coordination and wellbeing, this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. Always go at your own pace, All fitness levels.

Can be adjusted and changed to suit each Woman Individually. 

Don’t be intimidated, increasing you heart rate and slightly challenging your body can help burn off that excess body fat.

Complimentary to the strength sessions.

Stretch, Deep and Relaxing

STRETCH – Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.45am

PILATES – Thursdays 6am

A lovely way to relax and unwind, relengthen and recover tired and tight muscles, take a moment out of your busy life, to just stop and breathe, being still for a moment.
Increase mobility, Minimise injury, Improve Circulation, Improve Breathing ability and learn the art of mindfulness and kindness to self.

Slip into Rest & Digest, and out of Fight or Flight.

Being still and stretching can really improve many areas of your life.
How you behave on the mat can be directly translated to how you behave in daily life.
Learning how to respond, rather than react.

Choose your Style

Small Group fitness


Limited to 12 Ladies per Class

They are not a bootcamp, 
See above timetable.  
BYO baby and kidlets.. all welcome.
Building a Strong Body from the inside out!
It suits all women, especially post natal, pregnancy and menopause.  
We go slow and steady and at your own pace. 
Private Personal Training

One-on-One private training designed specifically for you.

Rehabilitate an injury

Learn Technique

Focus on a specific goal

2 Week Unlimited Trial

Try us out for 2 weeks!  

You have full access to all classes on the timetable for 14 days. 

Receive an introduction to nutrition, ebook.

Learn how to eat healthier without going without, includes a sample meal plan and recipes.

About Stacey Ann Fit

Building Community & Recreating YOU, LIFE BEGINS NOW!

I am a Qualified Women’s Health & Performance Coach, Professional Personal Trainer, & Yoga Instructor, 

Qualified in Birth Prep and Post Partum Recovery, 

Pre natal, Post Natal, Pregnancy and WOMEN.

Including Hormones, Stress, Sleep & Fatigue.

Chef, Nutrition Coach, Mother to 2 brat boys!

My passion is to nurture women and mothers towards a healthier lifestyle and creating a positive future. 

EveryBODY is unique, with their own strengths and limitations.

I have a strong focus on Core and Pelvic Floor awareness and restrengthening, Also how stress and hormones can affect your daily ability to function properly and healthily.

My method is to build on a foundation of safe strength training techniques, and mobility to build a strong and injury free body, educate on healthy lifestyle eating that isn’t time consuming or constant dieting. Support you through finding more time for you, being more present in daily life which transfers onto your family life and creating friendships. Managing Stress and hormonal life changes and they can impact you as an individual.

All Individually based on HER Health, Schedule, Quality of Sleep, Stress Management, Energy availability, Hormones, and Most Importantly, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing.

 I aim to help you, find you again. Supported, Nurtured and Nourished and FREE!!!!

Stacey Ann

Qualified Women’s Health & Performance Coach, Professional Personal Trainer, & Yoga Instructor.

Qualified in Birth Prep and Post Partum Recovery, Pre natal, Post Natal, Pregnancy and WOMEN.

Including Hormones, Stress, Sleep & Fatigue.

My passion is to nurture women and mothers towards a healthier lifestyle and creating a positive future. 


Qualified Personal Trainer, Pregnancy & Postnatal.

Georgia believes in ‘Bloom’ Growth & Improvement, not just physical, but mental and emotional – just being better each day.

My passion is to make everyone feel strong and to be strong!

Try us out for 14 days!

Stacey is an amazing trainer, her energy and focus keeps you on track. She has successfully created a safe and fun environment to learn and develop. And the wonderful group of women I get to train with everyday make all the sweat and hardwork worthwhile. My health and fitness are the best they’ve ever been, and I’m continually getting stronger and fitter everyday. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Stacey has helped me recover after two pregnancies and I love the care and support she provides. 
Focusing on strengthening from the inside out and going above and beyond to helping me achieve my goals. The workouts are always creative and fun and never boring.
The added bonus of a little community Stacey has created with women who I’ve bonded with that are in the same life situation as me. Lots of fun and laughter. 
When you spend all day looking after others, it’s nice to have someone looking after me. 
Thanks Stace xx


Have been training with Stacey for 6 months now and absolutely loving it, my core is definitely back after 2 kids!
She’s there not only in training but at home with food and recipes too!
She always listens and is willing to help where she can and gets results by keeping things interesting and keeping the motivation up by 100%


Enquire Below to Start Your Wellness & Strength journey!

Gym H0urs

You’ll find us at 25 Hutchinson Street, Burleigh Heads inside Platinum Lifestyle Academy.

Monday – Friday: Refer to timetable above. 

Closed public holidays. 

Bookings and memberships required.

Hit the link to book your spot: https://staceyannfit.ptminder.com

Find a membership to suit you.