Stacey is an amazing trainer, her energy and focus keeps you on track. She has successfully created a safe and fun environment to learn and develop. And the wonderful group of women I get to train with everyday make all the sweat and hardwork worthwhile. My health and fitness are the best they’ve ever been, and I’m continually getting stronger and fitter everyday. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Stacey has helped me recover after two pregnancies and I love the care and support she provides. 
Focusing on strengthening from the inside out and going above and beyond to helping me achieve my goals. The workouts are always creative and fun and never boring.
The added bonus of a little community Stacey has created with women who I’ve bonded with that are in the same life situation as me. Lots of fun and laughter. 
When you spend all day looking after others, it’s nice to have someone looking after me. 
Thanks Stace xx


Have been training with Stacey for 6 months now and absolutely loving it, my core is definitely back after 2 kids!
She’s there not only in training but at home with food and recipes too!
She always listens and is willing to help where she can and gets results by keeping things interesting and keeping the motivation up by 100%


Stacey is an incredible trainer and an incredible human! She goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable with the exercise, always reassuring that quality is better than quantity. Plus she is just bursting with information on food and healthy habits, and is always encouraging self love.


Can 100% recommend Stacey Ann as a personal trainer! She’s super knowledgeable and very patient with me. Started training with her 12months ago to build my core strength back up after bub no 3. My physio said training with Stacey has made a huge difference to my pelvic floor.


Thank you for the group! The motivation and support is fantastic. You are certainly helping so many of us change our lives for the better! A healthy strong & fit focus with the right balance of family friends and fun,
Thank you Stacey. 


I started seeing Stacey at 27 weeks pregnant, I’m now 36 weeks and feeling healthier, fitter and stronger than ever (I did not feel this good in my first pregnancy!). My husband has even noticed definition in my legs and back – something I did not expect to happen!
Stacey has a good way of getting you to work within your limits and still get the results


Had the most awesome PT session with Stacey today. I was feeling very twisted when I got there. Stacey helped me stretch my hamstrings. Teaching me how I could do them at home. Felt a lot of release. I was a new women after 45 minutes. Totally wrapped. Thank you so much. Love my training sessions, changed my life x


Stacey Ann, you Rock I do very much appreciate your time and effort you invest in us as a team and so much gratitude to you Stacey thank you so much for looking after us and for putting our health first, Your amazing thank you,thank you..😘😘❤❤💪💪🌹🌹Mia


‘What I love is that I didn’t diet. I just lived my normal lifestyle without my excessive eating on weekends 😀 
So happy with my strength side  of things.  I am still sore atm but know why which is  good. It sounds crazy, but I cleaned the whole house top to bottom in one day, something I haven’t been  able to do because of my back 👏


I adore Stacey, she is a great trainer and an even better person. I started training with Stacey just before the covid crazy and she was so incredibly quick and flexible with helping everyone continue working using whatever (big or little) equipment we had. I had EXCELLENT results with her 4 week challenge and her support played a huge role in my and the other girls achievements!!


I did the last challenge with Stacey Ann and I was so pleasantly surprised by the focus. Strength of body and mind. No crazy running around the oval just learning to focus on being strong on the inside and out. Having been a personal trainer for 15+ years myself it was hard to choose who to trust with my wellbeing but I have no regrets choosing Stacey Ann. She is professional, kind and fun. If you are asking yourself “should I”??? Jump in and give it a go with Stacey Ann.


Can’t recommend Stacey enough! If you want to see results while getting treated amazingly and cared for this is the right group 😍❤️💪


Stacey is so committed to her work that you can’t help but put in the effort!
I’ve seen great results in a short amount of time, thanks to Stacey’s ongoing support and encouragement.
Looking forward to continuing with Stacey to see where I can end up with my health and fitness 💪

Stacey is one of the most loveliest trainers out there who makes you feel comfortable to be around and genuinely cares about you, from how you’re feeling to fulfilling fitness goals. Also very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness workouts and exercises. Thanks Stacey for being so lovely 😊


I have had the pleasure of having Stacey as my personal trainer for the last 5 months. Her guidance has helped me in so many ways to achieve my goals and also become a lot stronger and fitter. Her knowledge is impressive and I have learnt so much from her. She is available and supportive whenever you need.


Stacey has been a fantastic trainer- supportive and motivational. I can call on her anytime to give advice and support. Never leaving her ! 

I love my trainer Stacey
This lady know her stuff !!
Always has a friendly smile on her face, shows you the right techniques to use, helpful diet tips, delicious recipes..

Have thrived on Stacey’s guidance and direction to push my body to further limits…. she expels such positive energy and motivation that one desires to just keep going, no matter what… and the journey continues.


I’ve been training with Stacey for 7 months now and I can’t believe what an amazing experience I’ve had with her. She’s super nurturing, positive and knowledgeable. The women I train with have become great friends and best of all the kiddos are welcome at training, I sometimes have my 6, 4 and 1 yr olds with me. Sessions are outside at the Mudgeeraba Soccer Club fields 🙂 


Stacey Ann thank you 🙏 I agree feel last year my priority shift to focus on “the year of me” was mind blowing to see what I could stick to or have an effect on my health. I Honestly could not do it without your support and guidance Stacey.


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